Offical Rules (Will be updated please keep an eye out)

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Offical Rules (Will be updated please keep an eye out)

Post by SimlieSavii on Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:25 pm

Le Rules For The Writing Section:

Just a few ones, nothing scary promise~!

- Please keep things nice and fun, anyone found to be acting like a royal turd will be given 3 warnings before a ban is placed.

- If a story is marked Private please respect the creators and ask before reading if you so choose.

- Cursing/Smut/Gore/Ect is allowed, just please make sure to let people know if there is any content that could be (cringes) Triggering //shot

- There is no real format set up for one here, set your story up however you please~! FREEDOM!

- Last but not least please have fun here and if there are any problems just shot me or one of the other admins a message~!





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